one of the countless reasons i love Rob Dyrdek

March 19, 2010

IMPAKT Sidehack

Rob Dyrdek is on top of it. he knows what cool is, and i can only dream of one day following in his wake… on one of the episodes of his his show “Fantasy Factory” on MTV, he featured the  IMPAKT sidehack bike. since that episode, there has been a resurgence of interest. although i’ve never ridden a sidehack, i can only imagine how much fun it must be. i do have a tricycle that i’ve taken into the Denver skate park on a couple occasions. it’s a little tricky going around bowls, but it’s a grand ‘ol time! so go toss that lame ‘ol bruiser in the dumpster! grab a buddy and truly dominate that sh*t with a sidehack!

I WANT ONE SO BAD!!  …i’ll paint it glitter purple…

and p.s. -don’t throw your bruiser in the dumpster. hold on to that sh*t.


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