Quaker Ninja

March 20, 2010

this artist needs to get his website up and going already! he has several printed tees out there on different sites. he generally tweets where to find his stuff…

his unfinished website is: quakerninja.com

you can follow his tweets -he’s usually tweeting about new designs and where to order t-shirts etc.. twitter.com/Quaker_Ninja


One Response to “Quaker Ninja”

  1. Newman Says:

    Hi Thank’s for the shout out. I really appreciate it.
    The website thing is coming along slowly. Had to make some adjustments with the development team.
    I didn’t give them a deadline, so that’s part of the delay as well.
    Glad you like the doodle. I am trying to get this one printed at 5quidink, and another place to be announced later.
    You can see my latest updates at flickr.

    I have some work coming out for Mozart Season, Four Letter Lie, and Complete Havoc later this year.

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