Cout 2 Cross

September 6, 2010

“turntablism: to use the turntable in the spirit of an intrument.”

there are some amazing DJ’s out there. typically, when your seeing turntablism happenin in front of you, you see one person mixing and scratching and it’s a grand ‘ol time. but when 4 people get up on stage and there are 5 turntables, things get pretty interesting. the fact that there are 4 synchronized DJ’s on a astage at once is impressive in and of itself. but this group, Cout 2 Cross, are so coordinated that they even have little  moves they bust out while scratching! kinda dumb sounding when you write it out, but simply unreal when you see it for yourself.

on top of it being impressive that 4 people can stand next to each other and scratch records in unison, they actually end up creating really cool musical compositions with their technique. the video posted shows clips from the 2005 DMC world DJ championships ( they have a wonderful dynamic together, and a solid sound.

here’s a link to an interview with them if you’re interested, which you probably should be:


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