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see what a dollar can do…

April 5, 2010

so, origami’s pretty cool. the only problem being that you don’t commonly find yourself with some scrap origami paper at a bar so, how can you impress your friends? make origami out of $1 bills!! if you don’t feel like hangin’ with your mates, perhaps a $1 origami furious bear will impress the strippers… although i would imagine it difficult to slip into a bikini strap…

see more $1 art HERE


Bjarke Ingels group

March 26, 2010

also an awesome website.. this group has officially blown my mind with their abilities. their site holds many examples of their amazing architectural design work. not to mention, it’s a fun sire to navigate through!

see website here:


March 26, 2010

wow. wait, let me say it again, wow. this French designer is putting out some really cool looking stuff… he is another new addition to my list of favorites.

see bastardgraphics website here:

see his Behance portfolio here:

selk bag!

March 26, 2010

so great! this product is perfect for your run of the mill narcoleptic! prepared for the elements and ready to crash and take a nap at any time.

get one HERE:

Sonja Mueller photography

March 26, 2010

not only is this woman a phenomenal photographer, her website is incredibly well done as well. it is fun to navigate around the little world she has created.

see more here:

Academy -a must see site!

March 25, 2010

“We are a creative studio; an academy comprised of an international group of professionals. Our mission is to unite brands with original expression. Our method applies provocative thought, design, storytelling and captivating content to bring creative ideas to life.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Academy works with leading brands to devise and create innovative marketing and communication concepts. We are digital and social by nature, but we focus on the idea before the medium.”

Tom Balchin

March 25, 2010

Tom Balchin is another wonderful designer. he has a very layered technique to a lot of his work, along with a traditional illustrative style as well. his is another portfolio worth looking at.

see his portfolio here:

Nelson Balaban

March 25, 2010

although it is difficult to find much information on this artist, he is definitely one in a million. his design is consistently bright and fluid. he has also designed an amazing online portfolio.

see his portfolio here: