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“my god.. it even has a watermark…”

April 7, 2010


Death at a Funeral

March 18, 2010

so, a mere 3 years ago, an excellent brittish film called “Death at a funeral” came out. it was a dark comedy starring people i don’t recognize (since it’s Brittish..) about a funeral that basically goes a little topsy-turvey..

TODAY, i saw an advertisement for a movie called “Death at a funeral” as a dark black comedy. not to mention, it claims to have the screenplay written partially by Chris Rock -do they mean ripped off by Chris Rock? way to go director Neil LaBute… too bad this movie looks HORRIBLE in comparison to the origional.

and one more thing -what’s with Luke Wilson these days? he’s in this new “death at  funeral” movie, and also the spokesperson for AT&T.. WTF gives?!


March 18, 2010

this is an interesting site.. you can join up and submit things you would do for $5..

definitely worth a gander -who knows what people may offer to do for $5!


March 17, 2010

wow. i am SUPER STOKED on this site! it’s a collection of random and very awesome artists! you have to be invited to join this site, so thankfully there’s no lame-ass riff raff to sift through. it’s all awesome!!

falling asleep to this tonight/this morning…

March 13, 2010

“Une femme est une femme”…

this movie is so lovely..

you can watch it instantly on netflix…

cool material

March 12, 2010

i am in LOVE with this website! it has everything cool from a jacket that turns into a lightweight sleeping bag to the burberry digital rubber strap watch. and even though it’s geared towards men, if you’re a girl like me who likes neato gadgets and fast cars and stuff, it’s a website for you too!

-not to mention, for ANY girl, it’s a great place to find stuff for your hubby, or maybe your Dad..


Keith P. Rein is friggin’ amazing. you can see his website and more of his work here @

Sweet Station

March 9, 2010

Sweet Station

this website/blog is a SUPERB reference for cool new art. the hard thing with new artists is that it is sometimes difficult to find much information on them. not to mention, there are so many new artists springing up every day. it’s hard to keep track of everything. thank goodness for the internets and things like google where you can simply type in a name and get whatever information you want…

wow. that kinda sounded like an old biddy rant.. i promise to avoid those in the future…


March 8, 2010

the iPad…

well well well… i ran into yet, ANOTHER amazingly cool blog today -all thanks to a friend who was kind enough to share!


March 8, 2010

Spencer Foreman resides in the peoples republic of Boulder. he is currently working on an entity with Graham nation, called “Cobraconda”. i was lucky enough to see them open for Mickey Avalon at the Church (7 silly candles) in Denver, and to be honest, they were good! although the mash-up style of ‘music’ is getting a little played out, Cobraconda holds their own with great mixes and repetitive chants that the crowd can happily chirp along with -not to mention a sweet hand sign to proudly flash and wave about.

ALL THAT ASIDE, Spencer has a pretty funny and and interesting blog. in fact, there have been several times i have considered stealing material from him, but a true buddy doesn’t do that sh*t. it basically covers the same general random style schtuffs that my blog does. with our forces united, we can answer all your cash cab inquiries.

beach house

March 7, 2010

Alex Scally & Victoria Legrand created one of my favorite bands of all time in 2004. Beach House has a dreamy indy rock sound, and every time i put on either of their albums, i don’t switch pass any tracks. their self-titled debut, “Beach House”, was named the 16th best album of 2006 by Pitchfork Media. they recently came out with a third album, “Teen Dream” at the end of january. the “Zebra EP” is also due out in april.


“Heart of Chambers”

“Master of None”

“Used to be”