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April 6, 2010

Bring Your Own Big Wheels!!

every easter sunday on San Fransisco’s Lombard st., there is a wonderful gathering of big wheel enthusiasts! everyone dresses up and grabs their super-sweet big-wheel and races down the hill (why i didn’t post this on or around easter is beyond me…).

if you’re super into it and want to join up next year, you can find more information at


March 26, 2010

if you feel that there’s just not enough cute in your life and you need to have cuteness battles, then this site is for you. you literally compare photos of dogs, and click on the one you think is cuter. the site the gives you the results of what percentage of people thought which dog was cuter while you move on to the next “round”…

this is a glorious waste of time.

waste time HERE:

dumb fun

March 25, 2010

how to keep an idiot busy…

March 23, 2010

keep an idiot busy HERE…


March 21, 2010

above and beyond this group being a collaborative of amazing designers, their website is fantastic fun to peruse about.

get your basketball on with Leroy Smith

March 20, 2010

play HERE!!

thank you Jeremy for sending me this gem. although after playing for 3 full minutes and not making a basket, this game was definitely entertaining.. the video shots are in all honesty the best part in my opinion…

visit Paris from your computer!

March 18, 2010

this site offers a panoramic view of Paris! you can pan across the city from the view above the Eiffel tower.


March 18, 2010

this is an interesting site.. you can join up and submit things you would do for $5..

definitely worth a gander -who knows what people may offer to do for $5!


March 17, 2010

wow. i am SUPER STOKED on this site! it’s a collection of random and very awesome artists! you have to be invited to join this site, so thankfully there’s no lame-ass riff raff to sift through. it’s all awesome!!

March 16, 2010

Paul Neave is a genius. his site is so creative and fun -endless hours of things to play with and look at!