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one of the countless reasons i love Rob Dyrdek

March 19, 2010

IMPAKT Sidehack

Rob Dyrdek is on top of it. he knows what cool is, and i can only dream of one day following in his wake… on one of the episodes of his his show “Fantasy Factory” on MTV, he featured the  IMPAKT sidehack bike. since that episode, there has been a resurgence of interest. although i’ve never ridden a sidehack, i can only imagine how much fun it must be. i do have a tricycle that i’ve taken into the Denver skate park on a couple occasions. it’s a little tricky going around bowls, but it’s a grand ‘ol time! so go toss that lame ‘ol bruiser in the dumpster! grab a buddy and truly dominate that sh*t with a sidehack!

I WANT ONE SO BAD!!  …i’ll paint it glitter purple…

and p.s. -don’t throw your bruiser in the dumpster. hold on to that sh*t.


crazy ping-pong match..

March 12, 2010

cool material

March 12, 2010

i am in LOVE with this website! it has everything cool from a jacket that turns into a lightweight sleeping bag to the burberry digital rubber strap watch. and even though it’s geared towards men, if you’re a girl like me who likes neato gadgets and fast cars and stuff, it’s a website for you too!

-not to mention, for ANY girl, it’s a great place to find stuff for your hubby, or maybe your Dad..


Keith P. Rein is friggin’ amazing. you can see his website and more of his work here @

okay, so this is pretty neato..

March 10, 2010


March 9, 2010


Lily Xinyi Zhou ( is from San Fransisco, and she is SUPREMELY cool. she has a badass blog about everything fashionable and cool having to do with fixed gear bicycles (with some some single speeders in there). she posts very regularly, so there is always something cool to look at.

Lily, you are my idol. keep up the good work!!

mighty fine logo design

March 8, 2010

this site has 20 amazing logo designs to peruse through. this site is particularly sweet because it provides links to the designer/firms that created each logo.

check it HERE!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

March 8, 2010


March 8, 2010

Spencer Foreman resides in the peoples republic of Boulder. he is currently working on an entity with Graham nation, called “Cobraconda”. i was lucky enough to see them open for Mickey Avalon at the Church (7 silly candles) in Denver, and to be honest, they were good! although the mash-up style of ‘music’ is getting a little played out, Cobraconda holds their own with great mixes and repetitive chants that the crowd can happily chirp along with -not to mention a sweet hand sign to proudly flash and wave about.

ALL THAT ASIDE, Spencer has a pretty funny and and interesting blog. in fact, there have been several times i have considered stealing material from him, but a true buddy doesn’t do that sh*t. it basically covers the same general random style schtuffs that my blog does. with our forces united, we can answer all your cash cab inquiries.


March 8, 2010

click to play!


i only started playing this game last night, and i have already logged 3+ hours on it. it is quite possibly the bestest game on these here internets. thank you Adult Swim for not only providing wonderful entertainment on late-night television, but also for providing the AWSUMIST games to play while @ work, or perhaps when you should be going to bed.

backup bedside gunrack

March 7, 2010

OMG. how have i lived without one for so long?!

“many customers are buying one for EACH side of the bed”!