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another child prodigy to make you feel unaccomplished..

May 12, 2010

k- this kid is a mere 6th grader. it’s a good thing he’s covering lady gaga before he hits puberty..

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daily dose of kinda weird…

May 11, 2010

so that’s basically an enormous music box, with a dude (who happens to have impeccable style) accompanying with a saw & bow. i can think of other things i would like to learn how to do, but to each his own, eh?

the Eclectic Method

May 11, 2010

okay, so these guys are pretty neat-o. they have taken the idea of mash-ups and incorporated it in video form. to be honest, i’m not sure how great it is, but it is at least interesting..

you can see more HERE:

an all time favorite

May 11, 2010

..pure imagination..

May 6, 2010

some kids just have all the luck..

April 14, 2010

when i think about my childhood, i am reminded of playing in the creek, getting muddy, and being scolded by my mother for ruining my clothes. i’m sure my parents would have been significantly more pleased with me if i had magically become a child prodigy…

Fleet Foxes

April 12, 2010

wow. i can’t turn these guys off. both of their albums are amazing.

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water art ..whaaaat?!

April 12, 2010

this is too cool not to watch…

cutest thing ever? possibly…

April 7, 2010

Joshua Sacco, 5 Year Old reciting “Miracle speech” at Fenway Park

zZz is playing: Grip

April 7, 2010

coolest part: this video was shot all in one take!