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get your basketball on with Leroy Smith

March 20, 2010

play HERE!!

thank you Jeremy for sending me this gem. although after playing for 3 full minutes and not making a basket, this game was definitely entertaining.. the video shots are in all honesty the best part in my opinion…


cool material

March 12, 2010

i am in LOVE with this website! it has everything cool from a jacket that turns into a lightweight sleeping bag to the burberry digital rubber strap watch. and even though it’s geared towards men, if you’re a girl like me who likes neato gadgets and fast cars and stuff, it’s a website for you too!

-not to mention, for ANY girl, it’s a great place to find stuff for your hubby, or maybe your Dad..


Keith P. Rein is friggin’ amazing. you can see his website and more of his work here @


March 8, 2010

click to play!


i only started playing this game last night, and i have already logged 3+ hours on it. it is quite possibly the bestest game on these here internets. thank you Adult Swim for not only providing wonderful entertainment on late-night television, but also for providing the AWSUMIST games to play while @ work, or perhaps when you should be going to bed.