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daily dose of kinda weird…

May 11, 2010

so that’s basically an enormous music box, with a dude (who happens to have impeccable style) accompanying with a saw & bow. i can think of other things i would like to learn how to do, but to each his own, eh?


thing in a jar

April 7, 2010

someone has a little too much time on their hands… or perhaps they’re just a bit on the strange side of things… either way, this individual has created an ambiguously creepy and strange figure and put it in a jar on his desk where all his co-workers can see and question it. on his site, he has also included instructions on how to create your very own “thing in a jar” to creep people out. AWESOME!!

find out how to make your own “thing in a jar” HERE!

the sheep market

March 26, 2010

ever feel the need to count sheep? well here are 10,000 different sheep that have been created by online workers. all are apparently drawn with a mouse, and are beautiful examples of the amazing work one can produce with a mouse and pen tool.

count sheep here:

dumb fun

March 25, 2010

my morning went like this:

March 22, 2010


1. A word describing the misfortune of something or someone.
2. A situation in which no desireable result can occur
3. A negative form of agreement.
4. A response used when the respondee couldn’t care less about the topic at hand.
1. Friend 1: My wife left me last night
Friend 2: Bummer for you.

2. Man 1: We’re surrounded by venomous snakes!
Man 2: Wow, this is quite the bummer.

3. Girl: Do you find me attractive?
Guy: Bummer

4. Friend 1: It appears that tomorrow is my last day to live.
Friend 2: Bummer

top 10 wacky home products

March 21, 2010

.wow. yes, there’s more!!

March 21, 2010

someone actually took the time to write down 70 rules of being a pirate, and not only that, they made a website for it. i realize that the fact that i actually took the time to find & look at this site shows that i have equal amounts of time on my hands as its creator.

so… can i be a pirate then?

rule #33: “A pirate may never wear another man’s clothing, unless he first kills that man.”

booty pop!!

March 20, 2010

random mystery fun time!!

March 20, 2010


this site is super cool but…

March 19, 2010

it kind of gave me a seizure…